Data Product Metadata Management: an Industrial Perspective


Decentralised data exchanges are promising alternatives to monolithic data lakes and warehouses which are typically emerging around complex service solutions. In theory, this removes some of the bottlenecks of traditional data management solutions. In practice, the road towards achieving such goal is a long way ahead. In this work, we provide an industry perspective on the implications for such work, with a focus on metadata management; the work in question draws from an in-vivo action research approach we enacted at a major German automotive company that is transitioning to an internal decentral data market. Our results provide insight into an industry perspective on the requirements for metadata management. Additionally, we propose and validate a solution design for metadata management in decentralised data exchanges based on semantic web service technology.

29 Nov, 2022 12:00 — 12:30
ICSOC 2022
Calle Dr. Pedro de Castro, 1
41004 Sevilla
Stefan Driessen
Stefan Driessen
Ph.D. Candidate at JADS

My research interests include blockchain technology, data markets and data meshes.