Staking Assets Management on Blockchains: Vision and Roadmap

The process of staking and the different steps involved in the necessary decisions of stakers. The main process execution is outside of the stakers control and is therefore not shown with a solid line around the box.


This paper introduces and explores the vision wherefore stakeholders and the process of staking —that is, the idea of guaranteeing the quality of a process by risking valuable assets on their correct execution— may run both on and off a blockchain while in the context of cloud-enabled services and processes. The emerging trend behind blockchain-oriented computing and the reliance on stakeholders therein make distilling and evaluating this vision a priority to deliver high-quality, sustainable services of the future. We identify key defining concepts of stakeholders and the staking process, using three very different staking scenarios as a base. Subsequently, we analyze the key challenges that these stakeholders face and propose the development of a framework that can help overcome these challenges. Finally, we give a road-map to steer systematic research stemming from the proposed vision, leveraging design science along with short-cyclic experimentation.

In International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing
Stefan Driessen
Stefan Driessen
Ph.D. Candidate at JADS

My research interests include blockchain technology, data markets and data meshes.